Helping you improve your business


Analysis that cuts through complexity delivering clear and actionable insight so you can move forward confidently


Process and facilitation skills plus commercial acumen and ability to harvest ideas so you can map your future clearly


Deep cross-functional operational experience with an engagement style, tactics and the know how to get you across the line

Better delivered simply


Objective analysis simply delivered


Clear analysis when you want an independent assessment to supplement what is familiar and help you build better.

  • Current state assessment
  • Financial performance review
  • KPI reporting review
  • Risk management review

Our life is all too often frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

  • Process simplification
  • Partnering and procurement
  • Financial stewardship
  • Overhaul wherever you need it
Issue resolution

Additional horsepower, agility and speed when you are in a tight corner.

  • Fresh and creative thinking
  • Options and solutions generation
  • Facilitation and acceleration
  • Heavy lifting where you need it


A clear picture of the future you want simply delivered

Strategic Planning

Support to build a compelling picture of your future, engaging your strategists and ensuring purpose and clarity for everyone.

  • Strategic planning process review
  • Facilitation, participation or both
  • Agile workforce shaping
  • Strategy on a single page
Business & Financial Planning

Your team, their energy and your money should support your purpose and ensure relentless focus on delivery of your goals.

  • Process advice or overhaul
  • Independent review/ stress testing
  • KPIs, measurement and reporting
  • Simplification

Activity Planning

Help at the sharp end to improve traction, build momentum, enable you to track activity and steer at speed.

  • Capacity and resource planning
  • Organising to maximise efficiency
  • Tracking & steering support


Results simply delivered


Fresh rubber on the road to help you achieve the traction you need, get your projects over the line and deliver results.

  • Project tactics and acceleration
  • Project recovery and completion
  • Project or programme advisory
  • Project manager or team coaching
Change management

A traditional view is that people don’t like change. That’s old hat. Experience has taught me there’s a formula that works.

  • Building a case for change
  • Building/ running a change plan
  • Coaching leaders through change
  • Benefits realisation analysis
Interim resourcing

For times when you don’t have enough capacity, can’t or don’t want to hire, or are waiting for a new starter.

  • Executive or management level
  • Line management or solo role
  • Crisis management or steady state
  • Complete flexibility

Working with you

I’m Richard Blackburn, and I’m all about helping organisations improve.

My 25 year career has taken me to many different places and shown me that improvement and transformation come in all shapes and sizes.

I’ve worked across a leading global corporate, in one of New Zealand’s pedigree finance companies, in smaller private investor and sports businesses where performance is assessed almost continuously, and amidst the complexity and pace of a large professional services firm.

My operational experience is as varied as my industry experience. I’ve advised and led Finance, People, Technology, Marketing, Operations, Procurement and Project teams. This means I have a good understanding of how these functions typically operate, collaborate, and also ‘misfire’.

I’ve worked in steady state environments, and have also navigated many versions of change whilst working to maintain stability. Strategic repositioning, business integrations, regulatory change, outsourcing, periods of down-sizing and business expansion are all very familiar to me.

I’ve worked here in New Zealand and also in Germany, France and the UK. I’m multi-lingual, and I love learning about and experiencing different cultures. I enjoy family life with my wife Harriet and children David & Trixie, and am a bit of a golf nut.


Let’s talk if you’re ready to explore working together to identify, implement and embed improvements in your organisation.

Richard Blackburn +64 21 622 850

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